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Table of Contents for this issue

1. New by Kopel: Arms and Economics; Michael Moore;
Dave's Blog Entries
2. Terrorism: Zogby Survey on Guns and Terrorism
3. International: Crossbows in Africa; Hoods banned in Britain; China favors gun control
4. Culture: New NRA President; Are Sporting Clays a form of huntingpractice?
5. Law: Self-defense in NY; Blogs and the Blogging Bloggers who Blog Them
6. The States: Concealed Carry wins and losses
7. Research: Current gun controls may be working

1. New by Kopel
"Does the Right to Bear Arms Impede or Promote Economic Development?"
Dave Kopel, Paul Gallant, and Joanne D. Eisen
Volume Six, Issue 1 (June, 2005), pp. 85-100
(PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Using case studies from Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, this
article refutes the claim of gun prohibition advocates that the
presence of "small arms" is a cause of economic underdevelopment. The
article also details the harmful effects of UN policy regarding malaria
and AIDS in the Third World.
Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man - Now in paperback!
By David T. Hardy & Jason Clarke
On Sale May 10th, 2005
The paperback edition includes a chapter by Kopel summarizing the
deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11.
"Large Capacity Clips" And Police Officer Safety:"
David Kopel
The Volokh Conspiracy
May 12, 2005 
Long blog entry on the Brady Campaign's claims that "large capacity
clips" endanger police officers.
Current Gun Laws May Be Working Very Well:
David Kopel
The Volokh Conspiracy
May 9, 2005
That's the suggestion of Posse Incitatus, which notes the result of a
state-federal-local dragnet which rounded up over 10,000 fugitives.
Only two percent of these fugitives had guns. P.I. suggests that the
data show that American gun control laws work so well that criminals
are much less likely to own guns than is the general public.
(Incitatus was the name of the Emperor Caligula's horse-whom the deranged despot appointed to Rome's highest constitutional office).

2. Terrorism
Zogby Poll on Terrorism and Guns
John Lott
John Lott's Website
April 11, 2005
Asked whether they agreed or disagreed that banning guns would reduce
the threat from terrorists, poll respondents disagreed by a margin of
75 percent. Only one in five supported the notion, and five percent
were not sure. Zogby polled 1,009 likely voters chosen at random
nationwide with a margin error of plus/minus 3.2 percent.
Freedom Rings at the Big Gun Shoot
Ari Armstrong
Colorado Freedom Report
May 17, 2005
Fifty caliber firearms and other big guns

3. International
Crime Rate 66% Higher In The Prairie Provinces Than In The Four States South Of The Border
Garry Breitkreuz
News Release
April 26, 2005
"These two reports expose two Liberal deceptions; one, that Canadian
gun laws reduce crime; and two, that more legally-owned guns results in
more crime."
The gun registry's deadliest day
Shafer Parker
Business Report
May 2005
This bylined story argues that the Canadian government has wasted billions wasted on useless firearms
control while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police lacks men and equipment.
South Africans Switch From Guns To Crossbows
March 21, 2005
Tighter gun ownership laws are pushing South Africans to buy crossbows,
spears, swords, knives and pepper sprays to protect themselves from
violent crime."
Gun control's best friend
Dimitri Vassilaros
The Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh, PA)
April 1, 2005
The author of this commentary argues that the slaughter in the Sudan
would end if the refugees in Darfur had the means to defend themselves
against it.
United Kingdom
Crime in England and Wales 2003/2004, Supplementary Volume 1: Homicide and Gun Crime
David Povey, Editor
January, 2005
(PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
This report contains very detailed analysis of crime statistics within
the subject area.
Country Homeowners Take Up Arms
Stewart Tendler and Daniel McGrory
April 11, 2005
The Times - Britain
British subjects are arming themselves with whatever they can find against home invasions.
PM attacks yob culture and pledges to help bring back respect
Michael White, political editor
Friday May 13, 2005
The Guardian



"Mr Blair coupled a personal endorsement of a shopping centre's
decision to ban the wearing of threatening hoods by teenage boys with a
renewed willingness to blame voters' own shortcomings as parents."
UN workshop on small arms, light weapons held in Beijing
Xinhua News Agency
April 19, 2005
China is willing to join hands with the international community in
eliminating the illegal trade of small arms and light weapons, said
Qiao Zonghuai, a senior official with the Foreign Ministry, here

4. Culture
Student's memorial drawing criticism
Niagara Gazette Online
Rick Forgione
Saturday, April 23, 2005
Niagara Falls High School sophomore Anthony "Tony" Sheard was shot
during an alleged effort to rob a pizza deliveryman.  His school has
flown their flag at half staff and his locker has become a memorial.
NRA Viewed Favorably by Most Americans: Majority of Americans favor arming pilots, but not school officials
Gallup News Service
April 15, 2005
Next NRA President To Stress Women's Self-Defense
Rachel Graves
Houston Chronicle
April 13, 2005
New NRA President Sandra Froman Froman plans to use the position to
emphasize women's issues, especially self-defense.
Person of the week: Sandy Froman
ABC News: World News Tonight
April 22, 2005
ABC News offers its appraisal and profile of the NRA's new president.
NRA Winning Team:  Sandra Froman
National Rifle Association
Informational Page
This page describes her career and accomplishments.
Virginia man says right to hunt violated
Gene Mueller
Washington Times
April 27, 2005
"Circuit Judge Michael Gamble will decide if target shooting is a form
of hunting, because Orion hopes to benefit from an amendment to the
Virginia constitution that passed in 2000 and forever protects the
rights of its citizens to hunt."
Gun collecting book fires up Boonton mom: Won't let son return it to school, saying it may influence kids
Daily Record (NJ)
March 25, 2005
"The mother of a fifth-grader at John Hill School said she will not
return a book about firearms that her son checked out of the school
library because she feels it is inappropriate and possibly dangerous."
Should This Photo Be Posted In A School?
Shellie Bailey-Shah and KATU Web Staff
KATU (Portland, OR)
March 29, 2005
A picture of a Marine holding a weapon has sparked a wave of
controversy at a Salem high school.  The principal of the school,
Cynthia Richardson, would not allow the picture to go up because of the
school's zero tolerance policy on weapons.
Women Activists Face Off With Gun Merchants
Haider Rizvi
Inter Press Service News Agency
March 10, 2005
"Throughout the world, women and girls are facing indiscriminate
violence, according to a new report jointly released by the
London-based Amnesty International, the International Action Network on
Small Arms (IANSA) and Oxfam International. There are about 650 million
guns in circulation in the world today, most of which are owned by men,
says the report entitled, 'The Impact of Guns on Women's Lives.' "
Rice Says Gun Rights Important As Free Speech
Barry Schweid
Associated Press
May 11, 2005
"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, recalling how her father took up
arms to defend fellow blacks from racist whites in the segregated
South, said Wednesday the constitutional right of Americans to own guns
is as important as their rights to free speech and religion. "
Full transcript of Secretary Rice's interview:
Gun-Control Group, PAC Pay $12K FEC Fine
Associated Press
May 5, 2005
"A gun-control group and its political action committee have paid a
$12,000 fine to settle a campaign finance case from the 2000 election."
 This extremely brief article refers to the Brady Campaign.
Gun-Grabbers Get Slapped
Michelle Malkin
May 6, 2005
Malkin points out the Brady Campaign has previously been fined for breaking
the campaign finance laws.
A Gun Person in an Academic World
Glenn E. Meyer, PhD
American Tactical Shooting Association
May, 2005
Reflections of an gun rights activist and full professor of Psychology
upon his views and their reception within the academic culture within
which he works.

5. Law
Of Arms and the Law
David Hardy
Web Log
David Hardy (author of Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man) offers his own
web log with views of the reception of the 2nd
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in the Legal System.
"How often do you see a Federal agent admitting perjury on videotape?"
David Hardy
Of Arms and the Law
April 24, 2005
"...word leaked out of an ATFE training video in which the head of
their National Firearms Act Branch (in charge of maintaining
registrations of full auto firearms, etc.) had said the the registries
had a high error rate, but not to worry, his Branch would always
testify that they were 100% correct."  There is a link to a copy of
that video.
Legal Information Institute
April 26, 2005
Summary of a U.S. Supreme Court decision ruling that a foreign firearms
conviction did not disqualify a U.S. citizen from his right to own a
Eugene Volokh
The Volokh Conspiracy
April 21, 2005
The D.C. Court of Appeals generally rejected various lawsuits against
gun manufacturers, but held that victims of gun crimes were entitled to
sue gun manufacturers under D.C. Code sec. 7-2551.01.

Some People Are Just Unreasonable
Clayton W. Cramer
Clayton Cramer's BLOG
April 4, 2005

(requires a scroll down the page)

"I mean, if someone who had stabbed you before confronted you in your
doorway, what would you do?" New York's Supreme Court says a homicide
wasn't self-defense.
2nd Circuit Upholds New York Handgun Limits
May 10, 2005
New York state's handgun licensing scheme does not violate the Second
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals has ruled.
David Hardy
Of Arms and the Law
David Hardy's analysis of the above case

6. States
Napolitano Signs Bill To Allow Firearms Course
Associated Press
April 11, 2005
"Arizona public schools could offer an elective gun safety course under
a bill signed into law by Governor Napolitano."
More details about the Arizona Firearms Course bill,
from the man who created the idea, Alan Korwin.
Az. Gov Vetoes Guns-In-Bars Bill; NRA Vows Revenge
Associated Press
April 26, 2005
"Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed a bill Monday that would have let people
bring their guns into bars and restaurants as long as they weren't
drinking alcohol, and the businesses didn't prohibit firearms."
New Mexico
Gov. Signs Gun-Permit Bill in Raton
Dave Kavanaugh
Albuquerque Journal
April 7, 2005
"Gov. Bill Richardson chose the National Rifle Association's
Whittington Center as the backdrop to add his signature to legislation
allowing more New Mexicans to legally carry concealed handguns."

COMMENTARY: Women of Hawaii Should Be Allowed to Carry Firearms
Malia Zimmerman
Hawaii Reporter
April 1, 2005


Zimmerman pleads as a woman for the right to protect herself and her
New Jersey
Seize homes that contain 'illegal' guns: New Jersey lawmaker wants buildings, cars taken if firearms not permitted
Ron Strom
May 10, 2005
"A New Jersey state assemblyman has introduced a bill that would allow
the government to seize the home or car of anyone whose property
contains an illegal firearm."
NRA Hits Atlanta Suburb In Self-Defense Squabble
Paul Kaplan
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
April 28, 2005
Roswell, Georgia voted recently on an ordnance to decide when a
homeowner may fire a gun in defense of property.  The NRA sought to
block the measure.
At last, balance shifts away from criminals
Marion P. Hammer
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
May 2, 2005
(Requires registration)
The NRA's former president discusses the state of self-defense in
America after the Florida 'Castle' law.
I'm Just a Bill
Giving Up and Giving In (Web Log)
April 28, 2005
Tennessee House Democrats resorted to intricate legislative
maneuvers to suppress concealed-carry improvement legislation.

7. Research
The significance of 10,000
Posse Incitatus Web Log
May 10, 2005
A reader of this blog analyzes conclusions drawn from 'Operation
Falcon,' an effort to recover illegal firearms from felons forbidden to
posses them.

This newsletter is compiled with help from Dr. Rob S. Rice.  Dr. Rice,
who is working feverishly to complete his 4th novel, is also a poet,
writer and factotum of matters electronic to Dave Kopel.
Al Qaeda delenda est!

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