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Dave Kopel's Second Amendment Newsletter. Feb. 28, 2002.

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Table of Contents for this issue:

1.  New Kopel articles: Major new Issue Paper on gun shows. Plus gun prohibition

in the Pacific, media bias, national ID card, Eleanor Roosevelt.

2. England

3. Terrorism

4. Bellesiles scandal

5. International news and research

6. Miscellaneous

7. Legal news

1. New Kopel material

a. Should Gun Shows Be Outlawed? McCain Bill Does Much More than Impose Background Checks.

Independence Institute, Issue Paper no. 1-2002.


b. Little Island that Roared. The story of Bougainville, and gun prohibition.

National Review Online. Feb. 6, 2002. With Paul Gallant & Joanne Eisen.


c. You've Got Identity. Why a national ID is a bad idea.

National Review Online. Feb. 6, 2002. With Linda Gorman. 


d. Dailies shoot from hip, miss. Mischaracterizations of D.C. gun-control group

bespeak sloppy reporting, editing at newspapers.

Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post, Jan. 27, 2002.



e. Her Own Bodyguard. Gun-packing First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. 

National Review Online. Jan. 24, 2002. With Paul Gallant & Joanne Eisen.


f. Coming soon on National Review Online: SHOT Show report; review of "Death by

Gun Control: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament"

2. Making England safe for Violent Criminals

a. If the state fails us, we must defend ourselves
26 February 2002
(London) Telegraph, online opinion

By Simon Heffer





London, Monday, 19th February 2002

For Immediate Use

Contact Details: Dr Chris R. Tame, 07957 644519, chris@libertarian.co.uk


58 year old John Lambert, of Spalding, Lancashire, has been released on

bail following two days of arrest after the death of one of two burglars

who had broken into his home and put a knife to the throat of his wife,

according to press reports.

During a struggle to defend himself and his wife Mr. Lambert killed the

burglar with his own knife. Rather than suffering the indignity of

arrest and police inquiries Mr Lambert should be hailed as a hero and

public benefactor. So claims the Libertarian Alliance, Britain's most

radical free market and civil liberties think tank.

Libertarian Alliance spokesman and Director, Dr Chris R. Tame, says:

"It is a sign of a morally corrupt society that Mr Lambert should have

been held by the police for two days and is even now facing the insult

of further police inquiries. In a free and moral society the individual

has the complete right to self defense, including the use of deadly

force, against those who attack and rob them. Any one who invades the

home of another constitutes a deadly threat to its inhabitants, and

should be dealt with accordingly. Mr Lambert has behaved both honourably

and morally in defending himself, his wife and his property - and is a

public benefactor by ridding society of one more predatory looter who

threatened the safety of us all.

Yet again it is quite clear that the police, like all nationalised

industries, have no real interest in their "customers", but would rather

persecute both those who defend themselves and other easy targets.

Whilst the restoration of law and order in this country depends upon

many things -  including the removal of legal impunity from children and

adolescents, the restoration of strict sentences and real punishment for

real crimes, the return of capital punishment, full restitution by

criminals to their victims, the abolition of victimless "crimes" and

pointless persecution of politically incorrect lifestyles, and the

overthrow of the culture of socialist excuses and social determinism - a

great step forward would be the full legal recognition of the right of

individuals to defend themselves and others - and indeed, the

restoration of their right to do so with firearms and other weapons.

A message must be sent to the criminal vermin that the workers of this

country are not prey, that people will fight back, and that the police

and the judicial system will no longer side with the predator rather

than the victim."


Note to Editors

(1) Dr Chris R. Tame is the founder and Director of the Libertarian

Alliance. A prolific writer and lecturer on many topics in sociology,

economics, philosophy and the history of ideas. He is also the author of

"Freedom, Responsibility and Justice: The Criminology of the New Right"

in the book "The Politics of Crime Control" (Kevin Stenson & David

Cowell, eds., Sage Publications, London, 1991), which can also be found

reprinted at


(2) Dr Tame can be contacted for further comment at 07957 644519 or by

email at chris@libertarian.co.uk


This news release comes from The Libertarian Alliance

25 Chapter Chambers, Esterbrooke Street, London SW1P 4NN

Director: Dr Chris R. Tame

020 7821 5502, http://www.libertarian.co.uk

Released by Sean Gabb <sean@libertarian.co.uk


3. Terrorism

a. Alert customer shoots terrorist in Efrat supermarket

By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff

February 22, 2002


b. Save Lives — Arm Pilots


February 5, 2002

By: Tanya Metaksa


c. Assertive Disarmament


By: Lowell Ponte

February 13, 2002


Discusses people who want to disarm American citizens but not

disarm international terrorists.

4. Bellesiles Hoax

a. The Historian Who Couldn't Shoot Straight

The Weekly Standard
February 25, 2002

by David Skinner

b. The Triumph of Ideological History


February 1, 2002

by Ronald Radosh


c. Guns and Poses
Michael Bellesiles's work is charming and disarming--but sloppy and maybe fraudulent.

Wall Street Journal, opinionjournal.com
By Kimberley A. Strassel
February 22, 2002


d. Historians criticize author's gun research

Boston Globe

David Mehegan

Jan. 29, 2002 http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/029/living/


Details from the forthcoming issue of William & Mary Quarterly

e. College Plans to Question Historian

Historian Will Undergo Inquiry From Emory University for

Book on Role of Guns in U.S.

The Associated Press

Feb. 7, 2002

f. New paper by Clayton Cramer on Bellesiles.

30 pages long.


***g. Bellesiles gets a $30,000 grant from federal tax dollars to write

another book on gun control!

Arthur Kellermann comes to Bellesiles's defense.

Read installments 27 and 28 of Larry Pratt's series on Michael Bellesiles.


5. International news and research

a. Canada Parliament Bill C-42. Proposed biological weapons law includes major new restrictions on gunpowder, ammunition, and reloading.

Bill status:


Legislative Summary:


b. Simon Fraser University Honours Professor Gary Mauser

for his research on gun control

On February 15, 2002, Simon Fraser University honored Professor

Gary Mauser during the Annual SFU Awards Ceremony. Professor

Gary Mauser is the recipient of the 2001 Nora and Ted Sterling

Prize in Support of Controversy for his research on gun control,

which was presented to him in October 2001.



Summary of Mauser's research:


c. Registration: The Nazi Paradigm

American Rifleman

June 2001

By Stephen P. Halbrook

d. Assault rifles for Annan guards investigated

Washington Times

Feb. 21, 2002

By Stewart Stogel


Prohibition advocate violates New York City gun laws.

6. Miscellaneous

a. "Gun Facts." version 3.1. 

Debunks various gun prohibition myths


b. PollingReport.com

Collection of media polls on guns


c. Creating Criminals in Chicago

January 29, 2002
By Tanya Metaksa


Abusive enforcement of gun registration laws

d. Citizen of the year denied OK to carry gun

Washington Times

Jan. 29, 2002
By Margie Hyslop
"Gun Safety" in Maryland

7. Law

a. Bean v. BATF.

Supreme Court grants cert. on whether federal judges have the authority

to restore Second Amendment rights of a felon. Case will be heard next fall.

Fifth Circuit decision:


b. Second Amendment Foundation handgun carry suit in Ohio.


c. Trinen v. City and County of Denver (Colo. App. Feb. 14).

Court of Appeals rules 2-1 that Denver restrictions on

open and concealed carry are legitimate. Dissent

argues that some of the restrictions are overbroad.


d. Sturm, Ruger & Co v. City of Atlanta (Ga. App. Feb. 13).

Atlanta's abusive lawsuit against gun manufacturers is held

to be preempted by state law.


e. House Speaker Presses Judge on Case

Washington Post

By R.H. Melton

January 25, 2002


Judge who upheld local restriction on concealed carry draws ire of

pro-rights legislator.

f. Harvard Law School Target Shooting club


Al Qaeda delenda est!

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