Second Amendment Project Newsletter. Nov. 7, 2000

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Archive of past issues.

The Second Amendment Project is based at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Golden, Colorado.


Table of Contents for this issue

1. New Kopel columns. Election Day key races. Gore on guns.
Interview with Kopel.
2. New Links. Guns as an election issue. More.

1. New Kopel Material.

Second Amendment Cheat Sheet II. More competitive races for pro-gun Americans to watch.
Nov. 4, 2000. National Review Online.

Second Amendment Cheat Sheet. The most competitive races for pro-gun Americans to watch.
Nov. 3, 2000. National Review Online.

Gore's Privileged Gun Class. Government employees aren't superior to the governed. Oct. 31, 2000. National Review Online.

Jamaican War Zone. An island of intoxicative beauty? Try again, mon.
Oct. 30, 2000. National Review Online. With Dr. Paul Gallant, & Dr. Joanne Eisen.

Keep It with the People. The Dems, the law, and the right to bear arms.
Oct. 24, 2000. National Review Online. With Dr. Paul Gallant, & Dr. Joanne Eisen.
Analysis of the Clinton/Gore Department of Justice letter claiming that the Second
Amendment does not protect an individual right.

Are Gun Control Laws Immoral?
An Interview with David B. Kopel
by Carlo Stagnaro, Italian journalist. 

2. Links.

a. According to the Oct. 23 issue of Interactive Week, the NRA website is the seventh-most-frequently-visited political website. No other pro or anti-gun group website ranked in the top 10. So drop by .

b. Once a political weapon, gun-control issue backfires on Gore
By Dick Polman
Philadelphia Inquirer

c. Lock and Load
Washington Post, October 29, 2000; Page X02
By John Whiteclay Chambers II
The gun issue as a political liability for Democracts.

d. The million mom murmur
By Michelle Malkin
November 3, 2000

e. The Price of Appeasement
By Tanya Metaksa
Smith & Wesson's cowardly self-destruction. BTW, Ms. Metaksa is a regular
columnist for FrontPage, and an excellent writer.

f. Brazilian Supreme Court unanimously overturns executive's ban
on new gun sales. 
Chief Justice Carlos Velloso: "Criminals don't buy their weapons in gun stores,"

g. At the New York University Press website,
this month Mary Zeiss Stange and Carol K. Oyster will be present to discuss
their new book Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America --
a provocative examination of guns and gender
through the study of women who use guns for professional, sporting,
and self-defense purposes.$string

That's all folks!

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