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Table of Contents

1. New by Kopel. Radio debate with Jim Hightower on Michael Moore.
Unlawful combatants case has 2d Amendment lesson. Catholic roots
of the right to resist tyrants.

2. Bigotry, including that of Michael Moore: It's not the hate, it's
the stupidity.

3. International. Thailand arms school teachers. More controls proposed
in U.K. Italy to legalize armed home defense.

4. Culture. New NRA News service. Teaching kids archery promotes
good citizenship.

5. Women & Guns. Pro-freedom women advance; prohibitionists dwindle.

6. Law. Judge says NYC can obtain BATFE records on law-abiding gun owners.

7. Terrorism. Treaty could endanger U.S. rights.

1. New by Kopel

Explaining Eisentrager: The Second Amendment is for individual gun
National Review Online
April 20, 2004

The Influence of Michael Moore.
"On Point,"
Tom Ashbrook, Host
WBUR radio Boston (nationally syndicated)

Kopel and Jim Hightower discuss Michael Moore, beginning at 17:30 into
the show. Archived for Real Player.

Possibly big U.N. scandal slighted. News better at covering investigation into potential oil-for-food program corruption.
Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post
May 8, 2004


Not directly about guns, but the U.N. corruption should raise warning
signs about other U.N. issues.

God, Man, and Tyrants. John of Salisbury and the Bestselling Book of the Twelfth Century.
May 2004.

2. Bigotry including that of Michael Moore

Intolerance Of Gun Owners Nation-Wide Problem
The Oshkosh Northwestern
Pat Durkin
May 16, 2004

Legal gun owners find themselves being treated with fear and suspicion
nation wide.

Michael Moore and Me
Fred Barnes
The Weekly Standard
May 31, 2004

Lies and more lies from the leftist filmmaker.

Had By Another Michael Moore Hoax
Andrew Gumbel
The Independent
7 May, 2004

"Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling
the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political
censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he
knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it."

Michael Moore's critics strike back
CBC News
May 21, 2004

Legendary French director Jean-Luc Godard, who helped to launch the New
Wave film movement in the 1960s, had this to say about America's most
celebrated : [Michael] Moore doesn't distinguish between text and
image. He doesn't know what he's doing. He is halfway intelligent. He's
not even hurting Bush. He's helping him in an underground way. Bush is
either less stupid than he looks or so stupid you can't change him."

3. International


A Knock On The Door In The Night
Pierre Lemieux
Le Québécois Libre
April 15, 2004

A Canadian homeowner is in equal terror of nocturnal invaders and
Canada's convoluted gun laws.


Mcdowell Plans To Bring In Tougher Gun Laws
Monday, 5th April, 2004


The Minister for Justice has said he will bring in new measures in an
effort to tackle gun crime. Presumably, the goal is the same as that
of draconian British laws-the results are likely to be identical.


Italy Plans Law To Allow Property Owners To Shoot Intruders
John Hooper
The Guardian
April 19, 2004

In the words of Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli: "The
principle that anyone who is at home should be considered a priori
under attack [from a burglar] and may legitimately regard himself to be
in danger of his life." In these instances, "any action must be
considered legitimate defence. [By changing the law in this way] "The
legitimate use of firearms will be better disciplined without turning
the country into the Wild West and without turning members of the
public into sheriffs." For a lovely example of 'journalistic
neutrality,' observe the topic sentence.

For background on Italian law, see

Gianni, Get Your Gun. The Surprising Emergence Of Gun Rights In Italy.
Dave Koel with Carlo Stagnaro.
Dec. 2001


Army Rifles Remain Racked At Home
Swiss Defense Ministry statement
May 15, 2004

"Everybody who has served in the army is allowed to keep their personal
weapon, even after the end of their military service." Isolated crimes
have produced calls in Switzerland for firearms restriction.


Thai Teachers Allowed To Carry Guns In South
Overseas Advisory Research Council
The Associate Press
April 27, 2004

Teachers, who are mostly Thai-speaking Buddhists, have been prime
targets of the militants along with monks, policemen and village
headmen. Those who are willing to stay want to carry guns to protect

United Kingdom

Blunkett Orders Overhaul Of Outdated Firearm Laws
By Sophie Goodchild and Francis Elliott
The Independent
09 May 2004

The Government will attempt to tackle Britain's gun culture with plans
to be unveiled this week for an overhaul of outdated firearms laws.
The goal is to make the laws MORE restrictive despite the failure of
previous laws.

Tories to review gun ban
The Daily Record
May 13 2004



The more conservative of the British political parties is exploring the
ideas of rolling back some of Britain's unsuccessful firearms


Zim Farmer Claims Self Defence

The Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe has filed murder charges against a white
farmer who apparently shot one person in an armed mob of people who had
invaded his land. The Mugabe regime has been disarming potential
victims of government violence (including white farmers), and has been
stealing land to give to thuggish young gangsters who support the
tyrant in exchange for impunity to rape, rob, murder, and pillage the
rest of the population.

4. Culture

NRA News Web site,
The National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association is becoming more aggressive in getting
out news that for apparently ideological reasons the 'mainstream' media
chooses not to emphasize.

Archery in the Schools
ESPN Outdoors
James A. Swan
May 28, 2004

Teaching kids about arms and safety may be more effective to reduce
violence than 'zero tolerance'

5. Women and Guns

More Women Discover Guns
Hayli Fellwock
Bowling Green Daily News
May 28, 2004


Ponytails and manicured nails are becoming a more common sight at
shooting ranges, indicating a turning tide for the gun industry.

Women's Gun Lobby Is A Growing Political Force
Wyatt Buchanan
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Saturday, May 8, 2004

Groups such as the Second Amendment Sisters have formed to represent female gun owners, a population the Sisters number at 17 million.

Next year, the 'Several Moms March'?
Bob Caylor
Fort Wayne News Sentinel
May 11, 2004

The second "Million Mom March" took place in Washington Sunday to
promote gun control, and it fell 99.7 percent short of its billing.

Guns, Like Abortion, Are a Matter Of Choice
Mary Zeiss Stange
USA Today
May 6, 2004

The option of arming oneself for protection is a matter of personal
choice in many of the same ways, and for the same reasons, as the
option of ending a pregnancy.

6. Law

Judge Maurice A. Ross
District of Columbia Court of Appeals
April 22, 2004

An appellate court last week unanimously upheld a trial court ruling
dismissing the District of Columbia's claims that the 2nd Amendment is
a 'collective' right.

BATFE's Ruling on temporary importation of NFA firearms:
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
The ATF Online

Some restrictions on the import of weapons labeled Class III Firearms
under the National Firearms Act have been eased.

NYC Wins Ruling To Obtain Firearm Trace Data
William Glaberson
May 21, 2004
New York Times

On Wednesday, a federal magistrate ruled that the city was entitled to
federal data that traces the path of guns used in crimes, overruling
objections by the Justice Department. Lawyers say that without the data
the city would have difficulty proving its claim that the gun
industry's marketing and distribution practices amount to a public

Background by Kopel:

"When Must the Government Disclose Gun Owners' Names and Addresses?"
Preview of U.S. Supreme Court case Department of the Treasury v. City of Chicago.
American Bar Association Preview of Supreme Court Cases
March 2003, pp. 289-93.

7. Terrorism

Could treaty with UK target U.S. founders?
May 19, 2004

Critics say a new anti-terrorism treaty between the U.S. and the United
Kingdom could conceivably result in Great Britain seizing the assets of
dead enemies - like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
There is no statute of limitations.

8. States


Guns Protect City Official, But Not Her Constituents, Group Complains
Susan Jones
Cybercast News Service
May 11, 2004

A Second Amendment group says a Chicago city councilwoman is a
hypocrite for insisting that she deserves special police protection -
while her "legally disarmed constituents are left like defenseless
sheep in a city of wolves." "Deserve it? Damn right. I should receive
the protection I am receiving. I am an elected official. You're darn


Granholm Signs Bills Allowing Antique Gun Purchases Without License
Detroit Free Press
May 13, 2004

Antique gun collectors won't need a license or safety inspection for
their old weaponry under legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Jennifer


Gun Permit? Need A New Driver's License
Robert Sandler
The Associated Press
May 18, 2004

"Under the state's new law legalizing concealed guns, Missourians
licensed to conceal and carry must get a new driver's license that will
announce a person's concealed-gun permit in bright red type, the
Department of Revenue said Monday."


Gun Group Takes Battle To Businesses
Ohio News Now
May 28, 2004

A group that pushed for approval of the state's new concealed weapons law is
asking gun permit holders to boycott businesses that prohibit people from
carrying hidden guns.

South Carolina

Ban On Buying More Than One Gun a Month Passes, Awaits Governor's OK
Lauren Markoe and Aaron Gould Sheinin
The State.
May 15, 2004

The Governor has signed the bill, repealing the first gun rationing law
in the U.S.

Background on gun rationing:

Eating Away At The Fabric Of Freedom. Gun Rationing Laws Lay The
Foundation For A Total Firearms Ban
David Kopel
America's 1st Freedom
July 2003.

This newsletter is compiled with help from Dr. Rob S. Rice. Dr. Rice
is a historian, poet, writer and factotum of matters electronic to Dave
Kopel. The following appeared in National Review Online's 'The

The Crisis

By Rob S. Rice

In these dull dreary days the truly brave man knows
That steel, true steel, is tempered by blows.
Fools sneer and deride, let them cheer for our foes
So much harder steel that they temper with blows.

Honor is eternal, though fools disregard
The tests they despise, or consider 'too hard.'
Or in scheming for power they chatter, like crows,
But steel, true steel, is still tempered by blows.

We face scheming murderers with calm defiance.
They have soulless evil, we have self-reliance.
They butcher civilians, their cruelty shows.
Our steel, true steel, is tempered by blows.

Let them come and dare face us, or run, if they choose.
In battle or treachery, the wicked shall lose.
For the acts of their madness are in truth their death throes.
They'll die on our steel that they've tempered, with blows.

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