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Table of Contents for this issue

1. New by Kopel:

2. Multi-national

3. International

4. U.S. States

5. History

6. Culture

7. Law

8. Politics

9. Research

1. New by Kopel

Gray Gun Stories. The New York Times' dishonest and mean-spirited coverage of the gun issue.

CNN Saturday 9 EDT.

The UN Small Arms Conference, Johns Hopkins SAIS Review.

Global Deaths from Firearms: Searching for Plausible Estimates. With

Paul Gallant & Joanne D. Eisen. Firearms prohibition advocates claim

that firearms kill 500,000 around the world every year. This factoid is

clearly untrue, and the assumptions used to create the statistic mask

the significant dangers of firearms prohibition. (New version, updated

June 19.)

Fourth of July reprint:


2. Multi-national

The Power To Destroy: Global tax on guns?

Brazil, France Propose International Levy

On Arms Sales To Eliminate World Hunger

(c) 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

The WorldnetDaily

June 3, 2003


The world's first trans-national tax would target the private ownership

of firearmswith the excuse of utopian ends at an upcoming UN conference.

United Nations Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms

and the Programme of Action 7-11 July 2003

The International Action Network on Small Arms

United Nations Web Page

7-11 July 2003 'Programme of Action'


This site is IANSA web page for the Conference itself.  It is

interesting to note that IANSA has so many resources they are able to

have a New York coordinator, but a communications officer also!

First Biennial Meeting of State on the Implementation

Of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons

New York, 7-11 July, 2003

The United Nations, The Conventional Arms Branch

United Nations Web Page


Another web page on the same conference, with some selected details

about the goals and plans of the upcoming meeting.

The New World Disorder:

U.N. to host global gun-control event

Conference backs measures to track, confiscate, destroy various weapons

By Jon Dougherty

The WorldNetDaily

June 8, 2003


This article provides more depth on the conference described above.

Guns Keep Crime Rate Lower In U.S.

Letter to the Editor by Dale Heil

The York Daily Record

Monday, May 19, 2003



The writer points out that the Dutch Ministry of Justice report of 2000

entitled ~Criminal victimization in 17 industrialized countries~ shows

12 of the 17 countries studied have higher per-capita violent crime

rates than the United States.

3. International: By Individual Countries


Handgun Buyback Open To Club Shooters

Sean Parnell, State political correspondent

The Courier-Mail

20 June 2003


The Howard Government is set to help shooting club members quit the

sport by buying back their legal weapons under a significant expansion

of Australia's handgun buyback.

Introducing a Strange Doctor

Organization Press Release

Gun Control Australia

Thursday 30th January 2003



This firearms restriction organization mounts a shrill attack upon the

University of Adelaide for hiring a lecturer sympathetic to the idea of

the civilian possession of firearms.



The Gun Registry:  What Do YOU Think?

Bill Casey

The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada


This member of Canada's Parliament for Nova Scotia has set up a Web

site for Canadians having problems with Canada's multi-billion dollar

registry of firearms owners.

Federal Gun Registry Doesn't Make Sense, But Ignoring It Does


The Vancouver Sun



Here is a web reprint of an editorial complaining of the complications,

failures, and waste of the Canadian Federal Gun Registry.

Bad Law Just Got Worse


The Montreal Gazette:



This web reprinted editorial bemoans the variations in law enforcement

standards resulting from Canada's provinces' differing methods of

enforcing punishments for violations of the Gun Registry's legislation.

Firearms Facts - Update

Liberals Unable To Defend Their Claims

About Police Use Of The Gun Registry System

By Garry Breitkreuz

June 9, 2003


Breitkreuz indicates that his colleagues in Canada's Parliament have

quoted enforcement statistics that could not be obtained from the

attributed sources.


U.S. Bans Imports From Huge Chinese Conglomerate

By Barbara Slavin

USA Today

Posted 5/22/2003 9:09 PM


The Bush administration has banned imports for two years from a major

Chinese industrial conglomerate for selling missile parts to Iran. 

Norinco sells many civilian firearms in the U.S. market.

United Kingdom

Lessons for young guns come under fire

Jeremy Watson and Adam Morris

Scotland on Sunday

Sunday, June 8, 2003

The authors of the article predict that anti-firearms activists will

object to lessons in sport shotgun shooting being taught to Scottish


Britain's WWII secret army uncovered

By Nic Rigby

BBC News Online

Monday, 10 March, 2003, 15:50 GMT



During World War II, Britain trained 'Auxilier Special Patrols' to

disrupt the efforts of invading Germans and potential British

collaborators with rifles equipped with optical sights.


Nick Show His Moves While In Irak

Sam Kiley

'100 Days in Rwanda'


A British film maker describes how middle-class Iraqis rushed to buy

firearms in the chaos directly following the collapse of Saddam

Hussein's regime.

New Zealand

Latte Set Making The Firearms Rules In Secret

Scoop Media

June 23, 2003   ()


New Zealand's urban politicos are planning to force Australian-style

firearms-restrictions upon the rural population.


New Gun Possession Curbs Proposed

By Sammy Martin, Correspondent

The Sunday Times (Manila)

Sunday, May 25, 2003


In the hope of curbing the rising incidence of crime in the Philippines

involving firearms, Senate President Franklin Drilon has filed a bill

limiting the right to carry such weapons to members of the military,

police, security services and other law enforcers


Firearms Bill Needs More Teeth

Commentary by Kanjana Spindler

Bangkok Post

June 11, 2003


The author demands punishments for those taking advantage of a

government amnesty offered to those surrendering illegalized firearms,

in addition to complete confiscation of all civilian firearms.


Government to Count Guns

Catherine Ntabadde

New Vision (Kampala)

June 5, 2003


The Ugandan Government is to carry out a census of all legal guns to

stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms in the country.  "Guns

are causing havoc all over the world especially the illegal ones," said

Focal Point Member Francis Wanyina.



Zim war vets arm ahead of street protests

By Basildon Peta

The Mercury, online edition

May 29, 2003,



Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is covertly issuing military firearms

to his supporters in preparation for attacks upon pro-democracy street


4. U.S. States

Homicide Rate Up Again

By Matthew Cella

The Washington Times

June 17, 2003


The District of Columbia reclaimed its traditional status as murder

capital of the United States last year, according to FBI statistics

released yesterday.

Illinois gun crimes law is struck down

By Kevin Mcdermott

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

06/19/2003 10:31 PM http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/News/70A9A0C



Illinois cannot tack on 15 or 20 years of prison time for certain

crimes just because a gun was used, the Illinois Supreme Court has


5. History

Clayton Cramer

Clayton Cramer's Web Page

http://www.claytoncramer.com/primary/militia/GA1784MilitiaLaw.pdf  http://www.claytoncramer.com/primary/militia/GA1778MilitiaLaw.pdf 

A celebrated debunker of Michael Bellesisles's denial of Colonial

firearms ownership has posted the text of Georgia Militia laws that

shed light on the conceptions of the 'militia' at the time of the 2nd

Amendment's composition.  Free citizens of Georgia were required to

posses the means to perform service in the Milita.

6. Culture

The Perils of Michael Moore

Political Criticism in an Age of Entertainment

By Kevin Mattson

Dissent Magazine

Spring 2003


Mattson critically analyzes Moore's techniques of creating propaganda

and cites his defects as examples of the weakness of the modern

Left-Wing intelligentsia, among whom he counts himself.

The Anti-Gun Male

Julia Gorin

Jewish World Review

March 8, 2002


This columnist delivers a scathing analysis of the mentality of a

putative male supporter of firearms confiscation.

7. Law

First Amendment Victory In Suit Against School Board

Organizational Press Release

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

May 20, 2003



The Montclair, N.J. Board of Education (School Board) acknowledged that

it violated its own policies by distributing a flyer supporting

anti-Second Amendment legislation, while refusing to distribute a flyer

opposing the legislation.

Reckless Lawsuits And The Media

Jim Matthews

The Outdoor News Service

21 May 03


(Search for 'lawsuit' to go directly to the article)

The noted outdoors columnist writes scathingly about the flat-out lies

told in newspapers about efforts to protect innocent people and

companies in the firearm trade from unjust lawsuits.

Guns and Violence: The English Experience. By Joyce Lee Malcolm

The Harvard University Press

Catalog Description Page


In her potentially controversial new study, Joyce Lee Malcolm turns

this conventional wisdom on its head, synthesizing a wealth of

statistics and historical data  to show that rates of violent crime in

England have actually grown in the wake of increasingly draconian

firearms regulations.

Shooting Down the "More Guns, Less Crime" Hypothesis

Ian Ayres & John J. Donohue III

The Stanford Law Review

Vol. 55, Issue 4


This PDF file (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) contains the

Ayres-Donahue attack on John Lott's More Guns, Less Crime.

Confirming "More Guns, Less Crime"

Florenz Plassmann & John Whitley

The Stanford Law Review

Vol. 55, Issue 4


These two economists rebut Ayres & Donahue, arguing that they have

misinterpreted their own results which, properly interpreted, strongly

support Lott's views. The economists also cite other papers by

economists who questioned Lott's results and ended up supporting Lott's

conclusions.  There is a counter-rebuttal by Ayres and Donahue in the

same issue.

8. Politics

Baucus Wants To Eliminate Tax On Small Firearms Producers

By Ted Monoson

Montana Forum.com

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Montana Democratic Sen. Max Baucus is seeking to exempt small,

specialized firearms manufacturers from an 11% Federal excise tax on

the manufacturers of firearms.

By J.R. Labbe

Gun Issue Mostly Smoke

The Wichita Eagle

Fri, May. 30, 2003


J.R. Labbe writes in a syndicated column about the real reasons for

selected politicians' vocal support of the Clinton-era "assault weapon


Anti-Gun Hysteria Greets New Laws

by Ari Armstrong

The Colorado Freedom Report

May 29, 2003


Colorado anti-firearms activists reacted with shrill predictions of

disaster to laws pre-empting local firearms restrictions and

establishing a uniform standard for concealed carry permits.

Annapolis Council Plan Gets Serious On Toy Guns

By A Sun Staff Writer


http://www.sunspot.net/news/local/annearundel/bal-ar.toygun23jun23,0,4115253.story?coll=bal-local-headlines .

An Annapolis alderwoman has introduced legislation to ban all toy guns

in the city after an 11 year old attempted unsuccessfully to rob a

convenience store with a gold-colored plastic toy pistol.

9. Research

Domestic Disputes

Bad social science and bad legal policy.

By Eugene Volokh

National Review Online

June 17, 2003, 9:30 a.m.


The noted legal scholar dissects a University of Pennsylvania study

showing a correlation between the presence of a gun in a given home and

the likelihood of crime in the vicinity.

Buying A Handgun For Someone Else: Firearm Dealer Willingness To Sell

S B Sorenson and K A Vittes

Injury Prevention Online

Issue 9


This article is a web reprint of a recent study on the willingness of

firearms dealers to sell a firearm to a buyer claiming to need the

weapon for someone else's use.

Glenn Reynolds

"Another Bogus Gun Study"


June 18, 2003 03:38 PM


Reynolds introduces a discussion critical of the study listed above,

pointing out that the buyer, not the original seller, of a firearm is

responsible for a further transfer of the weapon.

Deanna L. Wilkinson. (2003). Guns, Violence, and Identity

among African American and Latino Youth.

Edited by Marilyn McShane and Frank P. Williams III

LFB Scholarly Publishing, LLC. Catalog Page


Wilkinson studies the role of violence and guns in the 'construction'

of the social identity of minority youth, citing firearms as means of

'empowering' violent ghetto youth in their quest for status.


1994-2001 Weapon Injury Data

The Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

January 2003


Data on the injuries by categories of weapons to Massachusetts

residents from 1994 to 2001 is available on-line as a document in Adobe

Acrobat format.

Preliminary Uniform Crime Report, 2002

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

June 16, 2003


A 12 month survey of crime in the United States.

FBI Uniform Crime Report For 2002 By City

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

June 16, 2003


The above, as an Acrobat document, on a city-by-city basis.

Gun Facts - Current Version

By Guy Smith


Smith offers a free 70+ page e-book that offers material to combat the

most common gun control myths.

The Small Arms Firearms Education and Research Network

Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy


This is a source for research and activism by anti-firearms activists

attempting to abrogate firearms ownership on a global scale by

supporting UN efforts to equate firearms with disease pathogens, etc.

This newsletter is compiled with help from Dr. Rob S. Rice.  Dr.

Rice, no relation to writer Ann, is a historian, writer and factotum

of matters electronic to Dave Kopel.

Al Qaeda delenda est!

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