Comprehensive Bibliography of the Second Amendment In Law Reviews

By David B. Kopel

Originally published in 11 Journal on Firearms and Public Policy 1 (1999).

Last Updated by Second Amendment Foundation staff on 11/26/02

This article lists articles about the Second Amendment or gun control that have been published in law reviews. David B. Kopel is an adjunct professor law at New York University School of Law, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Firearms and Public Policy.

This bibliography contains only law journals. It does not include bar association journals and the like. If the law school affiliation is not clear from the journal's name, a parenthetical explains the journal's home.

Articles labeled "Comment", "Note", "Casenote" and the like are written by the student editors of the law journals. In the past, some journals did not publish the names of student authors, or published only initials.

Some of the most important of these articles can be found in Robert Cottrol, editor, Gun Control and the Constitution(N.Y.: Garland Press), which is available in a 3-volume set, and in a shorter one-volume paperback, available from the SAF bookshelf.

Akron Law Review

Anthony J. Dennis, Clearing the Smoke from the Right to Bear Arms and the Second Amendment,29 (1995): 57.

David B. Kopel & Paul H. Blackman, Can Soldiers be Peace Officers? The Waco Disaster and the Militarization of Law Enforcement, 30 (1997): 619.

Alabama Law Review

Nelson Lund, The Second Amendment, Political Liberty, and the Right to Self-Preservation,39 (1987): 103.

Commentary, Roland H. Beason, Printz Punts on the Palladium of Rights: It is Time to Protect the Right of the Individual to Keep and Bear Arms, 50 (1999): 561.

Brent J. McIntosh, The Revolutionary Second Amendment, 51 (2000): 673.

Albany Law Review

Note, Richard F. Riseley, Jr. The Right to Bear Arms: A Necessary Constitutional Guarantee or an Outmoded Provision of the Bill of Rights?31 (1967): 74.

American Journal of Criminal Law (Texas)

Robert Batey, Techniques of Strict Construction: The Supreme Court and the Gun Control Act of 1968,13 (1986): 123.

Note, Mark Udulutch, The Constitutional Implications of Gun Control and Several Realistic Gun Control Proposals,17 (1989): 19.

Note, Eric C. Morgan, Assault Rifle Legislation: Unwise and Unconstitutional,17 (1990): 143.

Don B. Kates, The Value of Civilian Handgun Possession as a Deterrent to Crime or a Defense Against Crime,18 (1991): 113.

American Journal of Legal History (Temple)

William S. Fields & David T. Hardy, The Third Amendment and the Issue of the Maintenance of Standing Armies: A Legal History,35 (1991): 393.

James Étienne Viator, Book Review: Robert Cottrol, Gun Control and the Second Amendment, 39 (1995): 245.

American University Law Review

Andrew J. McClurg, The Rhetoric of Gun Control,42 (1992): 53. Analyzes rhetorical styles and logical flaws on both sides of the Brady Bill debate.

Arizona Law Review

Note, Leonce Armand Richard III, Strict Products Liability: Application to Gun Dealers Who Sell to Incompetent Purchasers,26 (1984): 889.

Arkansas Law Review

Legislative Note, Charles R. Nestrud, Act 696: Robbing the Hunter or Hunting the Robber?29 (1976): 570.

Asia-Pacific Law Review

David B. Kopel, Japanese Gun Control,2 (1993): 26.

Baylor Law Review

Stephen Halbrook, The Right to Bear Arms in Texas: The Intent of the Framers of the Bill of Rights,41 (1989): 629.

Bill of Rights Journal

George I. Haight, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms,2 (1941): 31. (Then called the "Bill of Right Review").

Michael K. Beard & Kristin M. Rand, The Handgun Battle,20 (1987): 13.

Boston University Law Review

Melvin M. Johnson, Jr., The Liability of Makers and Sellers of Firearms,17 (1937): 670.

James A. Beha, II, "And NobodyCan Get You Out": The Impact of a Mandatory Prison Sentence for the Illegal Carrying of a Firearm on the Use of Firearms and on the Administration of Criminal Justice in Boston--Parts I& Part II,57 (1977): 96, 289.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Andrew D. Herz, Gun Crazy: Constitutional False Consciousness and Dereliction of Dialogic Responsibility,75 (1995): 57.

Sanford Levinson, Correspondence,75 (1995): 529. Reply to Herz's attack on Levinson.

Boston University Public Interest Law Journal

Note, Benjamin Bejar, Wielding the Consumer Protection Shield: Sensible Handgun Regulation in Massachusetts: A Paradigm for a National Model,7 (1998): 59.

Brigham Young University Law Review

Lloyd R. Cohen, Book Review: George P. Fletcher, The Legitimacy of Vigilantism. A Crime of Self-Defense: Bernhard Goetz and the Law on Trial,1989: 1261.

Second Amendment Symposium, 1998, No. 1.

Marguerite A. Driessen. Private Organizations and the Militia Status: They Don't Make Militias Like They Used To: 1.

Steven H. Gunn, A Lawyer's Guide to the Second Amendment: 35.

David Harmer, Securing a Free State: Why the Second Amendment Matters: 55.

Orrin G. Hatch, The Brady Handgun Prevention Act and the Community Protection Initiative: Legislative Responses to the Second Amendment?: 103.

Sanford Levinson, Is the Second Amendment Finally Becoming Recognized as Part of the Constitution? Voices from the Courts: 127.

Kevin J Worthen, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Light of Thornton: The People and Essential Attributes of Sovereignty: 137.

David B. Kopel, The Second Amendment in the Nineteenth Century,1998: 1359.

Brooklyn Law Review

Note, Paul B. Wright, The Effect of Federal Firearms Control on Civil Disorder,35 (1969): 433.

Timothy D. Lytton, Halberstam v. Daniel and the Uncertain Future of Negligent Marketing Claims Against Firearms Manufacturers, 64 (1998): 681.

Buffalo Law Review

Stephanie A. Levin, Grassroots Voices: Local Action and National Military Policy,40 (1992): 321.

Note, Kevin D. Szczepanski, Searching for the Plain Meaning of the Second Amendment,44 (1996): 197.

Capital University Law Review

Michael J. Quinlan, Is There a Neutral Justification for Refusing to Implement the Second Amendment or Is The Supreme Court Just "Gun Shy"?22 (1993): 641.

Case Western Reserve Law Review

Note, James T. Dixon, On Lemon Squeezers and Locking Devices: Consumer Product Safety and Firearms, A Modest Proposal,47 (1997): 979.

Catholic University of America Law Review

Ralph J. Rohner, The Right to Bear Arms: A Phenomenon of Constitutional History,16 (1966): 53.

Central Law Journal

John F. Dillon & S.D. Thompson (Editors), The Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Private and Public Defence, 1 (1874): 259-261, 273-275, 285-287, 295-296.

Chicago-Kent Law Review

John Levin, The Right to Bear Arms: The Development of the American Experience,48 (1971): 148.

David T. Hardy & John Stompoly, Of Arms and the Law,15 (1974): 62.

Robert J. Cottrol and Raymond T. Diamond "Never Intended to Be Applied to the White Population": Firearms Regulation And Racial Disparity-the Redeemed South's Legacy to a National Jurisprudence?70 (1995): 1307.

Symposium on the Second Amendment: Fresh Looks, vol. 76, 2000:

Order information for printed copy

Carl T. Bogus, Symposium Editor, The History and Politics of Second Amendment Scholarship: A Primer: 3.

Lois G. Schwoerer, To Hold and Bear Arms: The English Perspective: 27.

Michael A. Bellesiles, The Second Amendment in Action: 61.

Jack N. Rakove, The Second Amendment: The Highest Stage of Originalism: 103.

Daniel A. Farber, Disarmed by Time: The Second Amendment and the Failure of Originalism: 167.

Paul Finkelman, "A Well Regulated Militia": The Second Amendment in Historical Perspective: 195.

Steven J. Heyman, Natural Rights and the Second Amendment: 237.

Michael C. Dorf, What Does the Second Amendment Mean Today?: 291.

Robert J. Spitzer, Lost and Found: Researching the Second Amendment: 349.

H. Richard Uviller & William G. Merkel, The Second Amendment in Context: The Case of the Vanishing Predicate: 403.

Civil Liberties Law Review (American Civil Liberties Union Foundation)

Don B. Kates, Jr., Why a Civil Libertarian Opposes Gun Control,3 (no. 2, June/July 1976): 24.

Robert F. Drinan, Gun Control: The Good Outweighs the Evil,3 (no. 3, Aug./Sept. 1976): 44.

Don B. Kates, Jr. Replies,3 (no. 3, Aug./Sept. 1976): 53.

Cleveland State Law Review

John Kaplan, Controlling Firearms,28 (1979): 1. A scholar of drug prohibition applies his knowledge to the gun issue.

Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems

Note, Markus Boser, Go Ahead, State, Make Them Pay: An Analysis of Washington D.C.'s Assault Weapon Manufacturing Strict Liability Act,25 (1992): 313.

Columbia Law Review

Mari Matsuda, Essay: On Causation, 100 (2000): 2195. Mentions Emersoncase.

Connecticut Law Review

David B. Kopel & Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Taking Federalism Seriously: Lopez and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban,30 (1997) 59.

Symposium: Guns and Liability in America, vol. 32, No. 4, 2000.

James W. Gwinn & Jeremy G. Zimmermann, Introduction: 1159.

David Kairys, The Origin and Development of the Governmental Handgun Cases: 1163.

David Kairys, The Governmental Handgun Cases and the Elements and Underlying Policies of Public Nuisance Law: 1175.

Andrew J. McClurg, Armed and Dangerous: Tort Liability for the Negligent Storage of Firearms: 1189.

Timothy D. Lytton, Lawsuits Against the Gun Industry: A Comparative Institutional Analysis: 1247.

Anne Giddings Kimball & Sarah L. Olson, Municipal Firearm Litigation: Ill Conceived from Any Angle: 1277.

Robert R. Simpson & Craig Lyle Perra, Defendant Class Actions: 1319.

Jerry J. Phillips, The Relation of Constitutional and Tort Law to Gun Injuries and Deaths in the United States: 1337.

Carl T. Bogus, Gun Litigation and Societal Values: 1353.

Aaron Twerski & Anthony J. Sebok, Liability Without Cause? Further Ruminations on Cause-in-Fact as Applied to Handgun Liability: 1379.

John C. P. Goldberg & Benjamin C. Zipursky, Concern for Cause: A Comment on the Twerski-Sebok Plan for Administering Negligent Marketing Claims Against Gun Manufacturers: 1411.

Various Participants, Symposium Dialogue:Guns and Liability in America: 1425.

Constitutional Commentary (Minnesota)

F. Smith Fussner, Book Review: That Every Man Be Armed,3 (1986): 582.

Douglas Laycock, Vicious Stereotypes in Polite Society,8 (1991): 395. Response to Wendy Brown's article, Guns, Cowboys, Philadelphia Mayors, and Civic Republicanism: On Sanford Levinson's The Embarrassing Second Amendment, the Yale Law Journal99 (1989): 661 listed below.

Don B. Kates, Jr., The Second Amendment and the Ideology of Self-Protection,9 (1992): 87. Argues that the Second Amendment protects firearms for personal defense, as well as for militia purposes.

Cornell Law Review

David C. Williams, The Militia Movement and Second Amendment Revolution: Conjuring with the People,81 (1996): 879.

Creighton Law Review

Raneta Lawson Mack, This Gun for Hire: Concealed Weapons Legislation in the Workplace and Beyond,30 (1997): 285. http://www/

Cumberland Law Review

David T. Hardy, The Firearms Owners' Protection Act: A Historical and Legal Perspective,17 (1986-87): 585. The best article on the FOPA statute.

Brannon P. Denning, Can the Simple Cite Be Trusted?: Lower Court Interpretations ofUnited States v. Millerand the Second Amendment,26 (1996): 961.

Detroit College of Law Review (now affiliated with Michigan State University; see next entry)

David I. Caplan, The Right to Bear Arms: A Recent Judicial Trend,4 (1982): 789.

Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University Law Review

David B. Kopel, Clueless: How Anti-gun Activists Misuse BATF Tracing Data,Spring (Issue 1, 1999): 171. Also at:

Drake Law Review

John Santee, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms,26, no. 2 (1976): 26.

Gregory C. Sisk, Stating the Obvious: Protecting Religion for Religion's Sake, 47 (1998): 45. An interesting article on Religious Freedom which crosses over to recognize briefly that the Second Amendment must be protected equally with other key individual rights like freedom of religion.

Duke Law Journal

Martin S. Geisel, Richard Roll, & R. Stanton Wettick, The Effectiveness of State and Local Regulation of Handguns: A Statistical Analysis,1969: 647. Finds that gun control laws have a major life-saving effect.

Note, Constitutional Limits on Firearms Regulation,1969: 773.

William Van Alstyne, The Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Arms,43 (1994): 1236.

Michael Steven Green, The Paradox of Auxiliary Rights: The Privilege against Self-Incrimination and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, 52 (2002) 113-78.

Duquesne University Law Review

David E. Murley, Private Enforcement of the Social Contract: DeShaney and the Second Amendment Right to Own Firearms,36 (1998): 827.

Emory Law Journal

Kermit L. Hall, Political Power and Constitutional Legitimacy: The South Carolina Ku Klux Klan Trials, 1871-1872,33 (1984): 921. The trials which set the stage for the Cruikshankcase.

Randy E. Barnett & Don Kates, Under Fire: The New Consensus on the Second Amendment,45 (1996): 1139. A reply to Herz's B.U. L.Rev.article.

Florida Law Review

Note, Keersten Heskin, Easier than Obtaining a Driver's License: The Federal Licensing of Gun Dealers,46 (1994): 805.

Florida State University Law Review

Note, Matthew S. Steffey, Manufacturers' or Marketers' Liability for the criminal use of Saturday Night Specials: A New Common Law Approach -- Kelley v. R.G. Industries, 497 A.2d 1143 (Md. 1985), 14 (1986): 149.

Comment, Richard Getchell, Carrying Concealed Weapons in Self-Defense: Florida Adopts Uniform Regulations for the Issuance of Concealed Weapons Permits,15 (1987): 751.

Note, Gregory Lee Shelton, In Search of the Lost Amendment: Challenging Federal Firearms Regulation Through the "State's Right" Interpretation of the Second Amendment,23 (1995): 105.

Comment, Roland Docal, The Second, Fifth, And Ninth Amendments -- The Precarious Protectors of the American Gun Collector,23 (1996): 1101.

Fordham Law Review

Note, H. Todd Iveson, Manufacturer's Liability to the Victims of Handgun Crime: A Common-Law Approach,51 (1983): 771.

Fordham Urban Law Journal

Note, James S. Normile, Criminal Law—Firearms Possession, 3 (1975): 375.

David I. Caplan, Restoring the Balance: The Second Amendment Revisited,5 (1976): 31.

Richard M. Aborn, The Battle over the Brady Bill and the Future of Gun Control Advocacy,22 (1995): 417.

Nicholas J. Johnson, Shots Across No Man's Land: A Response to Handgun Control, Inc.'s Richard Aborn,22 (1995): 441.

Suzanne Novak, Why the New York State System for Obtaining a License to Carry a Concealed Weapon is Unconstitutional,26 (1998): 121.

George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal

Stefan B. Tahmassebi, Gun Control and Racism, 2 (1991): 67.

Stephen P. Halbrook, Second-Class Citizenship and the Second Amendment in the District of Columbia,5 (1994): 105.

David B. Kopel, The Brady Bill Comes Due: The PrintzCase and State Autonomy,9 (1999): 189.

George Mason University Law Review

Stephen P. Halbrook, The Jurisprudence of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments,4 (1981): 1.

George Washington Law Review

Joyce Lee Malcolm, Book Review: Stephen Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed,54 (1986): 452.

Note, Patrick Todd Mullins, The Militia Clauses, the National Guard, and Federalism: A Constitutional Tug of War,57 (1988): 328.

Georgetown Law Journal

Comment, Cary McN. Euwer, Taxation—National Firearms Act,28 (1939): 207.

Note, Paul R. Bonney, Manufacturers' Strict Liability for Handgun Injuries: An Economic Analysis,73 (1985): 1437.

Robert J. Cottrol & Raymond T. Diamond, The Second Amendment: Toward an Afro-Americanist Reconsideration,80 (1990): 309.

Georgia Law Review

Nelson Lund, The Past and Future of the Individual's Right to Arms,31 (1996): 1.

Georgia State University Law Review

Comment, Rachelle Renfro Green, Offenses Against Public Order and Safety: Provide for Specific Means of Carrying Concealed Weapons; Permit Holder of Valid License to Have Handgun in Any Location Within Motor Vehicle; Permit Persons Legally Entitled to Carry Handguns in Other States to Carry Handguns in Georgia,13 (1996): 123.

Golden Gate University Law Review

Note, Steven Rosenberg . Just Another Kid with A Gun? United States v. Michael R.:Reviewing The Youth Handgun Safety Act Under The United States v. LopezCommerce Clause Analysis,28 (1998): 51.

Gonzaga Law Review

Ellen M. Bowden & Morris S. Dees, Ounce of Prevention: The Constitutionality of State Anti-Militia Laws,32 (1996 / 1997): 523.

Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy

Monica Fennell, Missing the Mark in Maryland: How Poor Drafting and Implementation Vitiated a Model State Gun Control Law,13 (1992): 37.

Kristine R. DeMay, Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994: The Semi-Automatic "Assault Weapon"--The Latest Victim in This Country's War Against Crime,16 (1994): 199.

David B. Kopel & with Paul Blackman, The Unwarranted Warrant: The Waco Search Warrant and the Decline of the Fourth Amendment,18 (1996): 1.

Hamline Law Review

Symposium on Firearms Legislation and Litigation, vol. 6, no. 2. 1983.

Richard T Oakes, Introduction: 277.

Proceedings of the Foundation for Handgun Education Conference on "Victim Recovery: Firearm Litigation in the Eighties":

Samuel Fields, Opening Statements: 281.

Windle Turley & Cliff Harrison, Strict Tort Liability for Handgun Suppliers: 285.

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Howard L. Siegel, Liability of Manufacturers for the Negligent Design and Distribution of Handguns: 321.

Richard Brzeczek, Law Enforcement Perspective on Utility of Handguns: 333.

Steven Teret & Garen Wintemute, Handgun Injuries: The Epidemiologic Evidence of Assessing Legal Responsibility: 341.


Stephen P. Halbrook, Tort Liability for the Manufacture, Sale, and Ownership of Handguns: 351.

Warren Spannaus, State Firearms Regulation and the Second Amendment: 383.

David T. Hardy, Legal Restriction on Firearms Ownership as an Answer to Violent Crime: What Was the Question?: 391

Research Project:

Diana J. Theos, Federal Firearms Legislation: 409.

Mary K. Mills, Licensing and Registration Statutes: 419.

Laura Chauss Savin, Handgun Bans: Constitutional Questions:431.

Richard D. Owen, Minnesota Gun Laws: 455.

Brian J. Todd, Negligent Entrustment of Firearms: 467.

J. Randall Benham, Product Defect Cases in Minnesota: 477.

Donald Beschle, Reconsidering the Second Amendment Constitutional Protection of a Right of Security,9 (1986): 69. Argues that the Second Amendment guarantees a right of personal security, which could be effectuated by banning all handguns.

Joseph Olson & David B. Kopel, All the Way Down the Slippery Slope: Gun Prohibition in England and Some Lessons for Civil Liberties in America,22 (1999): 399.

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

David T. Hardy, Armed Citizens, Citizen Armies: Toward a Jurisprudence of the Second Amendment,9 (1986): 559. Explains the different political philosophy strands leading to the introductory and the main clauses of the Second Amendment.

Randy E. Barnett, The Relevance of the Framers' Intent,19 (1996): 403-410.

Brannon P. Denning, Gun Shy: The Second Amendment as an "Underenforced Constitutional Norm",21 (1998): 719. Investigates judicial reluctance to enforce the Second Amendment.

Harvard Journal on Legislation

Kimberly Stallings, Book Review: Erik Larson, Lethal Passage: How the Travels of a Single Handgun Expose The Roots Of America's Gun Crisis,31 (1994): 529.

Harvard Law Review

Lucilius A. Emery, The Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms,28 (1915): 473.

Note, Handguns and Products Liability,97 (1984): 1912.

Note, Absolute Liability For Ammunition Manufacturers,108 (1995): 1679.

Note, Recovering the Costs of Public Nuisance Abatement: The Public and Private City Sue the Gun Industry, 113 (2000): 1521

Note, The Paths of Civil Litigation, 113 (2000): 1759

Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly

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Joyce Lee Malcolm, The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms: The Common Law Tradition,10 (1983): 285.

Houston Law Review

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Comment, Ann-Marie White, A New Trend in Gun Control: Criminal Liability for the Negligent Storage of Firearms,30 (1993): 1389.

Jon S. Vernick & Stephen P. Teret, New Courtroom Strategies Regarding Firearms: Tort Litigation Against Firearm Manufacturers and Constitutional Challenges to Gun Laws, 36 (1999): 1713. Sldo available HERE at

Judge Alex Kozinski, Who Gives a Hoot About Legal Scholarship?, 37 (2000): 295.

Howard Law Journal

Thomas M. Moncure, Jr., The Second Amendment Ain't About Hunting, 34 (1991): 589.

T. Markus Funk, Is the True Meaning of the Second Amendment Really Such a Riddle? Tracing the Historical "Origins of an Anglo-American Right",Book Review: Joyce Lee Malcolm, To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right,39 (1995): 411.

Idaho Law Review

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Comment, Shaun R. Bonney, Using the Courts to Target Firearm Manufacturers, 37 (2000): 167.

Comment, Andrew M. Wayment, The Second Amendment: A Guard for Our Future Security, 37 (2000): 203.

Indiana Law Journal

Note, Keith A. Fafarman, State Assault Rifle Bans and the Militia Clauses of the United States Constitution,67 (1991): 187.

John Marshall Law Review

Note, Chuck Dougherty, The Minutemen, the National Guard and the Private Militia Movement: Will the Real Militia Please Stand Up?,28 (1995): 959.

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Journal of Air Law and Commerce (Southern Methodist)

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Journal of Contemporary Law (University of Utah)

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David B. Kopel, Rational Basis Analysis of "Assault Weapon" Prohibition,20(1994): 387.

Comment, H. Jay, Printz v. United States:Supreme Court Declares Brady Act's Review of Handgun Application Requirement Unconstitutional,24 (1998): 178.

Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (Northwestern)

Note, J.W.G., Homicide and the Carrying of Concealed Weapons,2 (1911): 92. The Journal was then called the American Inst. of Crim. L.

Note, J.W.G., The Menace of the Pistol,2 (1911): 93. The Journal was then called the American Inst. of Crim. L.

Karl T. Frederick, Pistol Regulation: Its Principles and History Part III,23 (1932-33) 531. Part IandPart IIappeared in the American Journal of Police Science, Sept./Oct. 1931, at 440, and Jan./Feb. 1932, at 72.

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

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Journal on Firearms and Public Policy:

This Journal contains a combination of original articles and reprints of significant articles published elsewhere.

Vol. 1, 1989

Reprints of Caplan, Detroit.

Warren, NYU.

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Whisker, West Virginia.

Levin, Chicago-Kent.

Vol. 2, 1990

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